February 10, 2010

When a student used the term “Snowmaggedon,” I chuckled at the precise description referencing this past weekend’s enormous snowstorm. Then I checked CNN.com…

…And found this exact phrase used to describe the snowfall outcome and another incoming snowstorm (which I am currently encountering ). Thinking about the repeated terms’ coincidence, I ventured to Acme…

…To find that all milk, bread, eggs, pasta, peanut butter, beverages, clementines (their disappearance may be unrelated to the rest, but dissapointing nontheless), and anything microwaveable or commonly titled “college food” was completely sold out! Now maybe the Acme truck driver got lost…the past three days. Or maybe, due to the terrible economy, corporate decided to send limited shipments once a month. Or maybe, everyday people, who reluctantly trudged through “Snowmaggedon,” looked around, then looked at the television, and decided to get every piece of food available because we won’t survive if we don’t have enough to feed everyone for months!

Ordinary people, witnessing the intensity of a snowstorm this past weekend, feared for the worst, acting emotionally and allowing themselves to believe the hype. “Snowmaggedon” is real. Propaganda at its finest. But, to the media’s credit, as I stare out my window, “Snowmaggedon” is actually pretty friggin real. 🙂


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