It’s not the Nicotine, It’s the Marlboro

March 23, 2010

Follow the link to watch my Marlboro propaganda video:

Below are lyrics and an analysis of their usage:

Marlboro Man

By James Weiler

Just another drag, please?

You’re too good to me.

So, are you from around here?

That’s so interesting.

Tall, dark, and handsome,

Eloquently spoken,

Marlboro Man

Analysis: Short, sweet and to the point, “Marlboro Man” fills a much-needed advertising gap in my video while adding background music and description to a particularly successful Marlboro Cigarette user. The song is from the perspective of the female lead, catering to all current and prospective female smokers looking for the stereotypical genuine guy. The female lead encounters the perfect guy, “Marlboro Man,” recollecting her short, embarrassingly awkward conversation and his impressive characteristics. As the video concludes, the female lead, remembering the “Marlboro Man,” immediately grabs the male lead holding a pack of Marlboro Cigarettes, knowing anyone with Marlboro Cigarettes is perfect.

Enjoy Everyone!


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